WELCOME to Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan's web area

Can we imagine doing the same thing everyday, eating the
same food, meeting the same people, watching the same
television show? It would be quite boring this way. Change
brings freshness in our life, it adds a feeling of newness
that makes things around us interesting.
Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan's new album "EnerZee" does the
same thing. We will hear a new genre of music, music that
was never heard before in Nepali songs. EnerZee's songs
based on funk music ranges from pulsating dance music to
soothing sentimental tunes. Everywherein the world we can
see young artists like Prasanna taking music to newer
heights with their talent to try out something new,
something different. Our thumbs up for the talented artist
of the new generation, Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan and his
wonderful creation "EnerZee".