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Artists interested in submitting a demo reel to Voiceofnepal should contact kabir or Dr. DhikChik.

Whether you're an unsigned artist, someone who's been on voiceofnepal before, or an established producer, we would love to hear from you!

Royal Remixes/////

Remix Listing
  Remix Logo   Description  
    Simana Kaatera
Trance Edit -2004
-By Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan and Joost from Holland
Trance Remix of a song off the album Enerzee released in 2003. In the world of music and remixes another addition a Nepali Trance mix ...

Retro-Electro Mix -2005
By -Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan and Jochem Gugelot Drum and Bass Mix of a song off the album Enerzee . This Mix is bound to give you a scoop of Dance Flava and a brand new vibe that you've never felt before in a music that comes from the Himalaya kingdom

    Aow Re
Enerzaztic Mix(Radio Edit) - 2004
By-Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan and Jochem Gugelot
--A Remix that hit the top ten list in Australian Radio chart (Program Name: Beyon Borders). Getting Featured in a movie in Dubai. And very successful in keeping people dancing in the Dance Clubs not only around Kathmandu but also around the world.

Jochem Gugelot, a very talented producer from the South of Holland.
Jochem became addicted to electronic music at the end of the 80's after listening to class acts like The Prodigy and many other electronic bands. He has been busy producing various styles of electronic music since the tender age of 14, which resulted in tons of tracks varying from progressive and breakbeat, drum 'n bass and techno to deep house and ambient. Stay tuned to hear more groundbreaking productions from this guy in the near future!

    Bandhi Narakha Feat. M/J Jackson
Klassicality Edit -1998
Beta Release of a newly prepared mixed up flava for you all Named "Bandhi Naraka". This is a experimental Flava Prasanna is working on. To find out more about it give it a listen and respond your thoughts to
--all the Music by-Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan
--Vocals by -- Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan / Michael Jackson / Janet Jackson
    Aaja Re Rajamati
Culture Combo Mix -1998
(beta release) Mitwa, A Song from the movie "Laagan" and Neweari 'rajamati' mixed,re-arranged and Re-recorded with modern dance ghanra
-vocals by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan and Roj
-all the Music by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan wh
    Bala Bala Chingu Mika
Party Maxi Mix -1998
(beta release) Balabala Chingu mikha- "Orign-Prem Dhoj Pradhan"
-vocals by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan
-all the Music by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan
    Ghansa Kattne Khurkera
Acid Remix -1995
(from Tale of summer) - "Ghansa kaatne khurkera" (1995 acid Remix)
-vocals by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan
-all the Music by Prasanna Dhoj Pradhan

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